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The feltbags Story

Passion for felt as a material and the need for sleeves for our various electronic friends turned into an ongoing love affair - and a small business. In 2004, the German designers Wibke Fleischer and Christian Freissler got their first iPods. Ever since they have been looking for well designed bags and sleeves to go with them. Soon Wibke and Christian came across little sleeves made from felt. But they were mostly of poor quality and missing the certain attention to details.

On a trip in the summer of 2005, the idea was born to start a small collection of sustainable wool felt bags for iPods and other beloved electronic companions they were taking along. Christian's mom is a passionate seamstress, and so it didn't take long to design and produce first prototypes for testing.


All our bags are simple and made from natural 100% wool felt. The locally sourced material became the base for every product designed since 2005. Wibke and Christian always strive to find cuts and styles that go well with the material. Seams and fixtures are a handcrafted detail and not just a method to hold two pieces together. From the start our bags were handmade products that needed the love and attention from experienced craft people. Our small local production shop pays the necessary attention to the little things and hand-selects all materials and methods.


Our first collection was ready for the holiday season 2005. The lead time was short, and so the only possibility was to use Christian's mom Helene for the production of the bags. She gathered a few other passionate seamsters from the area and started production at home. The feltbags Manufaktur was born.

Today, feltbags daily operations are run by Christian's brother Jochen Freissler. Along with Helene, who still heads the production, Christian and Wibke design and curate all products and communications.
feltbags are still made in Southern Germany. We focus on small numbers and preserve our handcrafted appeal. Every feltbag is a unique handmade product that was cut, sewed and finished by local craft people, using mostly local materials. We are maintaining a sustainable business approach and try to optimize our process every day. feltbags are sold online as well as through a few selected retailers across Germany, in Tokyo and in beautiful Portland, Oregon.